Are you ready to elevate your off-roading experience to a whole new level? The Black Rock Havoc 4×4 Wheel is here to take you on an adventure like no other. Engineered for extreme performance and designed with unparalleled style, this wheel is the ultimate choice for your 4×4 truck or SUV.

The Black Rock Havoc wheel is a true masterpiece of design and engineering. Featuring a distinctive and captivating appearance, it boasts eight rugged spokes with a center groove, giving it a look that’s both rugged and refined. One glance at the Black Rock Havoc and you’ll notice its deep concave profile. This design not only adds depth and dimension to your vehicle but also offers enhanced brake clearance for optimal performance.

Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains, muddy trails, or tackling steep inclines, the Black Rock Havoc 4×4 Wheel is your trusty companion. Upgrade your 4×4 truck or SUV with the Black Rock Havoc 4×4 Wheel today and experience off-roading like never before. Unleash the adventurer within you and conquer the untamed wilderness with style and confidence.

*Wheel picture shown is not representative of all size configurations. Centre profile and lip depth may vary depending on vehicle specific fitment.