July 7, 2021


All over the globe, custom 4×4 wheels are extremely popular. Many 4WD owners are tired of the boring and unattractive look of their stock rims and have decided to get better ones. Custom wheels have a more refined look and are generally used for visual enhancement.

What most people don’t know is that the materials used to make wheels can have an impact on how they perform. Steel wheels are the strongest and most cost-effective, but they also weigh the most, which reduce the performance of your truck. 

On the other hand, aluminium wheels or alloy wheels are lighter, more manoeuvrable, and are therefore more expensive. Black Rock’s Dodge Ram wheels are among the most desirable in their class and well worth your investment.

Our range of 4x wheels features rims that have been carefully constructed and subject to numerous modifications and inspections. This ensures that they last a lifetime. You have the option to choose bright finish wheels like bronze for a more elegant look or darker shades like full black for a tougher look.

Best Wheels Size For Ram 1500

Best 4x4 Wheels For Dodge Ram 1500 Black Rock Off-Road Rims

In the past, 15-inch rims were standard across all vehicles, no matter if you owned a truck or a Jeep. Recently, there has been a shift toward larger wheels, making 17 inch as the most common 4×4 wheel size. 

Depending on your preferred fitment, 4×4 wheels from 17 inch to 22 inch are recommended for Dodge Ram 1500. Below is a list of our most recommended 4×4 wheel models for Ram 1500.

– Black Rock Cage 17×9
– Black Rock Viper 17×9
– Black Rock Cage 18×9
– Black Rock Vulcan 18×9
– Black Rock Rambler 20×9
– Black Rock Vulcan 20×9
– Balck Rock Forcer 20×9
– Black Rock Widow 20×9
– Black Rock Styker 22×10.5

are bigger wheels better?

For a variety of reasons, larger wheels are a common off-roading modification. The truck will be lifted higher, which increases the ground clearance. However, increasing the wheel size offers additional benefits.

Larger wheels alloy for larger tyres to be fitted to a Dodge Ram 1500. Large tyres can help your truck to handle dirt and gravel better, as well as with on-pavement braking. After all, there’s more rubber in contact with the ground.

are smaller wheels better?

Smaller wheel sizes will offer a more comfortable ride, especially under rough off-road conditions. Because of their smaller size, smaller wheels are easier to handle, better at cornering, and have a greater impact on how your truck handles.

Best tyres Size For Ram 1500

The type of use you intend for your Dodge Ram 1500  will determine the tyre you choose. There are many different sizes of tyres available to suit 4×4 trucks, including those for highway driving, off-road, all-terrain and mud-terrain conditions.

Our top pick tyres for Dodge Ram 1500 is All-terrain tyres. All-terrain tyres can be used to deal with off-road conditions as well as special mud-terrain conditions, and at the same time offer ride comfort normal road condition and highways (subjected to selecting the correct tyres).

According to all-terrain tyre experts, the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tyre is the most highly rated. Because it has the longest tread, it offers exceptional off-road traction. This makes it the best choice for gravel, rocks and mud conditions. Although the Falken is praised for its ability to haul and tow, it has a lower noise level than most tyres in this category.

High marks are also given to the BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tyre. BF Goodrich tyres have patented technologies that provide excellent performance in snow, dirt, and mud conditions. BF Goodrich claims this tyre’s specially formulated rubber gives it a two-fold longer tread life on gravel and 15% longer tread life for asphalt. The tire is also rated as one of the quietest in terms of road noise. 

The Wrap Up

We have listed our best recommendation of 4×4 wheels and tyres for Dodge Ram 1500. Most of the benefits of smaller truck wheels are specific to off-roading performance. So, if you aren’t planning on hitting the dirt and mud, larger diameter wheels will be more ideal and they will greatly add a unique appearance to your Ram truck.