Black Rock Off-Road wheels are built to accommodate the most demanding off-road environments. Our Wheel inventory puts the industry’s best selection right at your fingertips! Make a bold statement by choosing a sleek, stylish and highly specialized set of wheels and make your truck, SUV or 4WD stand out.

Since dropping, Black Rock Off-Road has become a unique player in the custom 4WD category. These high-performance, off-road wheels are engineered to handle all the mud, dirt and grit you care to throw at them, then clean up nicely for a night out. That’s the reason Black Rock Off-Road has become a favourite wheel brand across the country. Black Rock Off-Road is continually researching trends and materials to bring you innovative wheel designs that perform well in all terrain, and can get your heart pumping when your truck’s standing still.


At Black Rock Off-Road, we believe that adventures begin where the road ends. When it comes to off-road wheels, we strive to give the best to our customers by providing top designs, quality, and services. Our knowledge and experience, in addition to a strong passion for 4×4 wheels, inspire our team of experts to create the most innovative off-road wheels in the industry.

All Black Rock wheels are fabricated from proprietary aluminum alloys that combine light weight and exceptional strength for impressive performance. We believe there is always a better way to design better products. We know because we feel the same way. That’s why we are on a never-ending journey to produce off-road wheels that enables you to achieve the right footprint for you.


Since its inception, Black Rock Off-Road team has exceeded the expectations of its customers. Catering to the increasing demand for high quality products, Black Rock Off-Road provides the market with its own sleek, stylish, and highly specialized designs. Customers who wish to enhance the look and performance of their on and off-road machines, trust Black Rock wheels to deliver on both quality and price.

There are many choices out there for 4WD wheels. Our attitude and style are not the only things that set us apart. Our quality and service are the best in the business. We stand behind our products because they are engineered to meet our exhaustive standards. We listen to our Authorized Dealers and go the extra mile to support them and help them be successful. We strive to uphold the highest personal and professional values possible because our name and reputation are paramount to establishing authentic, lasting success.